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Butter Love

"Butter Love" featuring the Cud Chewing Cows contains 13 cover songs written by artists including: Burt Bacharach, Dave Clark, Buddy Holly, Peter Yarrow, Walter Donaldson, Charles Aznavour, Johnny Cash, Gerry Goffin and Carol King, Roger Waters and Richard Wright, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Read this interview with "Exposed Vocals".
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Butter Love

Butter Love - Track Listing

01 - Baby It’s you - Composed by Burt Bacharach (Inspired by The Beatles version)

02 - Because - Composed by Dave Clark (Inspired by the Dave Clark Five version)

03 - Words of Love - Composed by Buddy Holly (Inspired by The Beatles version)

04 - Puff The Magic Dragon - Composed by Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow (Inspired by the Peter, Paul and Mary version)

05 - My Baby Just Cares For Me (Solo) - Composed by Walter Donaldson; Lyrics by Gus Kahn (Inspired by the Nina Simone version)

06 - For me Formidable - Composed by Charles Aznavour and Jacques Plante (Inspired by the Charles Aznavour version)

07 - San Quentin - Composed by Johnny Cash (Inspired by the Johnny Cash version)

08 - Up On the Roof - Composed by Gerry Goffin and Carol King (Inspired by the The Drifters version)

09 - My Baby Just Cares For Me (Harmony) - Composed by Walter Donaldson; Lyrics by Gus Kahn (Inspired by the Nina Simone version)

10 - Us and Them - Composed by Roger Waters and Richard Wright; Lyrics by Roger Waters (Inspired by the Pink Floyd version)

11 - Don’t think Twice It’s Alright - Composed by Bob Dylan (Inspired by the Peter, Paul and Mary version)

12 - A World Without Love - Composed by Paul McCartney (Inspired by the Peter and Gordon version)

13 - Teach Your Children - Composed by Crosby, Stills and Nash (Inspired by the Crosby, Stills and Nash version)


Exposed Vocals Interview for "Butter Love" June 2016


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Exposed Vocals Interview for "Butter Love" June 2016

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